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Class Information:

The Clemson University Karatedo Doshinkan Dojo offers Clemson faculty, staff, and students as well as others in the community the opportunity to train in a traditional, non-competitive martial art.  Doshinkan is a unique Okinawan/Japanese martial art that emphasizes a balance between physical phototechniques and eastern philosophy.  Doshinkan members do not compete with each other in our classes or in competitions; instead we focus on individual effort and on supporting each other.  To accomplish this, our classes focus primarily on the learning and repetition of hard and soft techniques (hard techniques as seen in many karate movies and soft techniques as seen in Tai Chi), kata (a series of techniques in a specific order), and controlled partner training where we can learn to carefully apply our techniques.  This type of training will teach our members better awareness, focus, balance, coordination, flexibility, and physical control, and will improve physical strength.  In addition, members are gradually exposed to different aspects of eastern philosophy and how it can be applied in our daily lives.  Please note, however, that our chosen means of learning in Doshinkan is through physical training and effort.  The mental aspects and mental control are an intrinsic part of the physical training, but the physical training is the "path."

We offer 3 levels of classes in the Clemson University dojo. The first level (beginners and above) is for all members. In these classes, we work on basic techniques, partner training, and kata.  The second level (intermediates and above) is for all members who have already regularly attended classes for three months or more.  In these classes, we introduce and repeat additional techniques, more partner training, and more kata. The third level (advanced) is for all members who have earned a brown or a black belt. These classes focus on more partner training, working with traditional training weapons, review of kata, and learning yet more kata. Please see our class locations page for information about our class schedules.

Doshinkan trainings are designed for adults.  Anyone 16 and older is welcome to train with us. Children 14 to 16 years old may train if at least one parent is training with us and with the permission of the instructor. Our members are encouraged to participate as fully as possible and to improve their physical stamina and control through training.  The key to doing well in Karatedo Doshinkan is quite willing to try and do your best even when you think you may not be able to do something and be willing to repeat, repeat, repeat.  Anyone can learn the techniques and kata that are intrinsic in Karatedo Doshinkan; it simply takes focus, effort, and repetition.  Our CU dojo members range in age from 17 to over 60 and work hard to improve their individual skills and understanding as well as to support each other in our training in Doshinkan.


Adults in the Clemson area are welcome to observe a training at any time.  We usually hold free trial classes twice a year (usually January and August).  Please contact Shihan Dr. June for information about our next set of trial classes. New members may also begin training at other times with the permission of the instructor.

Instructor Information:

The Clemson University Karatedo Doshinkan Dojo is led by Shihan 8.Dan Dr. June Pilcher.  Shihan Dr. Pilcher has a Ph.D. in Biopsychology and is an Alumni Distinguished Professor of Psychology at Clemson University.  She holds an 8th degree black belt (8.Dan) and has been awarded the title, Shihan.  Shihan Dr. June has been leading Doshinkan classes for over 25 years and established the CU Doshinkan Dojo in May 2004.

Please contact Shihan Dr. June Pilcher for more information about Karatedo Doshinkan or about joining our classes.

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